Seeing White

Ahhh the time had come. Every girl dreams of finding her prince charming, and I had found mine, and got HIM to drop to his knee and brand me with some bling! Thank you to The Dixie Cups humming along -- “And we’re goin’ to the chapel, and we’re gonna get marrrrried... Gee, I really... Continue Reading →


3 years and 172 days

So there we were, jumping through lavender fields and throwing glitter at each other. HIM and I were seriously dating. We lived together, worked out together, ate together, ran errands together… we even peed in front of each other! Yep. What can I say? We were two peas in a pod. We even had a... Continue Reading →


I definitely wasn’t looking for HIM. And when I first met HIM, he was just another being in MY world. An ever so romantic back-of-house restaurant setting was the backdrop for our beginning. Determined that this was just a step in my life I could shuffle through, I was back home, living in my dad’s... Continue Reading →


I've never been a writer. I didn't journal during my most tragic years of puberty, as a way of "self expression, reflection and understanding". Didn't see the point of writing down my pre-teen thoughts of my horrible mother not buying me the skin tight jeans, or my cries out for understanding why I didn't have... Continue Reading →

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